Our Flexography Printing

To add plastic value for our customer and potential buyers, Anta Tirta Karisma also provides flexographic printing for its PE film. The market drivers enforce converting companies, like Anta Tirta Karisma, to introduce flexo print technology in its business portfolio. These drivers are :

  • - Shorter product life cycles require updates and changes to graphics.
  • - Competitive activity in the market come faster and more often com pared to previous years.
  • - Fast response to market and competitive changes are now the norms.
  • - Consumers want to be educated and informed on how to use, prepare and handle various products.
  • - The growth in self serve retailing requires improves product identifica-tion and information.
  • - Process printing is more cost effective than ever.
  • - High Definition Resolution can now be economically printed, offering improves product presentation.
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