Flexible Packaging

The role of plastic manufacturing is to support our trading customers to have their most reliable plastic packaging sources.

The plastic manufacturing has been serving both export and domestic markets. Fifty percent for domestic consumption and fifty percent for export demand.

Our exports are mostly to Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Cambodia, Papua Nugini dan Sri Lanka.

Flexible Packaging Division offers the following patented industrial packaging to its business partners:

  • QuaSAREX, collaction shrink film
  • TriFIDEX, stretch film
  • SyCORAX, heavy duty sack
  • NeBULAX, shrink-hood film
  • ProsPEROX, exclusive promotional bag
  • NixHYDRA, multi-purpose film
  • BoLIDEX, agrofilm
  • LarISSAX, inner-liner
  • Paralax, bread packaging
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