Pallet Shrinkhood

Our NeBULAX® Pallet Shrinkhood is multi-layer co-extrusion film. It is intended to be used in logistic and warehousing application.

We offer reliable and safe plastics to bundle and stabilizze products mounted on pallets, especially high broken fragility, such as glasses, bricks, ceramics, etc.

Other benefits that we deliver are protection against dirty, scratch, collapses, destructive UV lights and other contamination. Gusseted shrinkhood is also available for our business partners requiring large size shrinkhood tubular film.

NeBULAX® Pallet Shrinkhood is positioned to bring solutions, as well as value creations to our business partners. Bellow are some advantages of NeBULAX® Pallet Shrinkhood :

  • High shrinkage ratio
  • High heat resistance
  • Strong puncture resistance
  • Strong dart impact resistance
  • UV protection
  • High protection of dust, moisture, or scratch
  • High efficiency of time and cost in packaging
  • High stability of product loading and transportation
  • NeBULAX® Pallet Shrinkhood are available in tube pieces, as well as rolls.
  • *) Colors, Dimension and Special Grades are obtainable upon request

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