Shrink Film

QuaSAREX® Shrink Film is made through blown film co-extrusion prcess. It is valuable to combine packaging integrity and reliability with good optical properties of clarity and glosiness for enhanced brand promotion. The increasing trend towards bundle and multipack products in retail industry means that packaging integrity is one of paramount importance. As we know, many products in stores being bought on impulse, so that packaging is playing an important role in retail marketing strategies.

In response to changing trends in retailing, QuaSAREX® Shrink Film can be applied to a broad range of retail marketing, sales promotion, bundling and multipack applications, especially in food and beverage products. QuaSAREX® Shrink Film offers a number of benefits for excellent packaging, such as :

  • - Providing high shrinkage ratio
  • - Presenting high glossiness and clarity
  • - Adding more value to your products
  • - Offering packaging cost saving
  • - Minimizing used of paperboard or carton
  • - Wrapping product in high speed
  • - Enabling sleeve wrapping and collation shrink process application
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