Heavy Duty Sack

Our Heavy Duty Sack, SyCORAX®, is well noted for being strong - not easy to break and to tear as well as excellent seal. The use of metallocene polyehtylene into the sack making help our customers enjoy the benefit of price-performance-value relationship better.

Our multi-layer co-extrusion film, in addition, is capable to make various needs of industrial heavy duty sacks for the ultimate satisfaction of our business partners; for example in the application of high-speed bagging in the form-fill-seal (FFS) process.

Our SyCORAX® Heavy Duty Sack is designed to delivers the followong advantages : Meeting industrial needs (bagging process, optimum storage and shipping, product protection, etc) Maintaining brand and product integrity through aesthetical print results by using our own flexo machine Offering best value for money

*) Colors, Dimension and Special Grades are obtainable upon request

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