Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be the best value growth integrated food and beverages servicing corporation in the country.


The value creation is at the core of every business. Anta Tirta is fully aware that this goal must be met for all stakeholders; and the corporation possesses all the necessary resources and capabilities to do so.

Our mission is therefore to provide committed service attitudes that will allow us giving optimum benefits to our customers and earning optimal returns for our shareholders. Those attitudes mean (1) to provide quality dairy products in timely fashion to our customers; (2) to provide economical quality machineries to our buyers; (3) to provide profound engineering know-how and on going innovations to our loyal business partners.

It means by definition, our mission can only be achieved through our competent employees and management team; who in turn are proud to work for Anta Tirta Group. Our People Success System - career development, work environment and remuneration, etc. - is aimed at measuring and retaining employees' excellence, loyalty and value contribution.

These two are satisfying and yet rewarding missions. We started out doing precisely these two since the inception of our corporation in 1994; and today we go forward with the same attitudes.

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