Stretch Film

TriFIDEX® Stretch Film is very reliable, in addition to being excellent in wrapping variety of products indiverse forms. It us used widely in logistics, expeditions, warehousing, industries, etc.

TriFIDEX® Stretch Film offers a number of benefits as follows :

  • High Self-Adhesive
  • High Elongation
  • Security and Safety
  • Dust, Moisture, and Scratch Protection
  • Low-Cost Wrap
  • Easy to Apply

TriFIDEX® Stretch Film can be applied in hand wrap process or machine process :

  1. Hand Wrap Process
  2. Machine Wrap Process

Flexible Packaging

BoLIDEX® for various applications such as : Agro Mulch Film, Greenhouse, Geomembrane, and Pond Liner.

LarISAAX® For Protect products which are packaged being manufactured using sacks, containers, corugated carton box etc.

Our NeBULAX® Pallet Shrinkhood is multi-layer co-extrusion film. It is intended to be used in logistic and warehousing application.

NixHYDRA® is Polyethelene plastic film for general use, therefore it is made based on customer requirement (taylor made).

Exclusive Promo Bag are great promotional tools for your selling events, product/service launching events, promotional events, exhibition events and other business events.

QuaSAREX® Shrink Film is made through blown film co-extrusion prcess. It is valuable to combine packaging integrity and reliability with good optical properties of clarity and glosiness for enhanced brand promotion.